Aroma beta 20

Maschell vient de mettre à jour « Aroma », son environnement de hack pour la Wii U. Et vu le journal des modifications, un gros travail de fond a été effectué pour améliorer l’expérience utilisateur.

EDIT : Beta 18 sortie dans la foulée…

EDIT2 : Beta 19 🙄

EDIT3 : Beta 20 🙄 🙄

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Beta 20

  • Fix displaying the config menu when using 480i + 4:3 or 576i as output resolution.
  • Add « saving config » screen to the config menu.
  • Actually save the OTP to otp.bin instead of opt.bin.
  • Never show region free language select screen for Health and Safety Information, this avoids the splash screen when booting the console with disabled auto-detection.

Beta 19

  • Avoid loading the modules/plugins twice after a IOSU reload.
  • Fix save game redirection for certain persistent ids (fixes Wii U icons order for these users).
  • Automatically save a OTP and SEEPROM dump to the sd card at the first launch
  • Fixed potential crashes that could rarely happen when loading a setup module.

Beta 18

  • Fixed loading Nanddumper via the PayloadLoaderPayload.
  • The Plugins in the config menu will now be sorted by name.

Beta 17

  • Recompiled almost everything with latest wut, devkitppc, wums/wups.
  • Refactored the EnvironmentLoader and CustomRPXLoader to initialize the WUMS module earlier.
    • This means we have access to all modules/plugins in other setup modules.
  • Add option to (un)block updates from the boot selector or update block warning screen.
  • Aroma now bundles the payload loader installer.
  • It’s now possible to use the Health & Safety application.
  • Patch the Cafe OS FAT32 driver to improve readdir and stat performance. (Thanks: @GaryOderNichts)
  • Disable access to some raw devices for unlocked clients to avoid sd corruption.
  • Rewrote config and storage API (existing plugins are still compatible)
    • All Aroma plugins have been updated to use the new config and storage api.
  • Rewrote the plugin config menu.
    • Plugins can now have nested categories.
    • Plugins without configuration are shown in the config menu.
  • Display error notifications when plugin loading fails.
  • Corrupt configs are now automatically detected and deleted.
    • Only redirect the save directory of the current user to keep the IconDatabase synced with the console.
  • Plugin configs are only written to the sd card if they have actually changed.
  • Fix config menu control with Wiimote/Pro controller in certain games (e.g. Shovel Knight).
  • Implement RL_GetPathOfSaveRedirection for the RPXLoadingModule to get the current homebrew /vol/save redirection directory.
  • Notifications will be queued until they can be rendered.
  • Added support for notifications that can survive application changes until they are rendered.
  • Fixed quitting the software transfer application.
  • Fixed content redirection for titles that use « wb » mode to open files.
  • Refactored RPX loading logic to be more robust.
  • Abort the Quick Start menu after ~120 seconds.
  • Fixed replacement function that used r11 in its first instruction.
  • By default patch loader.elf to spit out less warnings when loading .rpx built with wut.
  • Improve the button combo detection in the PayloadLoaderPayload.
  • Avoid exploiting the iosu when mocha is already running.
  • Fixed launch of quickstart settings from the quickstart menu.
  • Added initial support for loading homebrew from the Quick Start Menu.
    • Note: Currently there is no way to actually set homebrew titles to the Quick Start Menu.



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