Atmosphère 0.16.0 (pre-release)

SciresM avait promis une mise à jour rapide, on ne peut pas dire qu’il n’aura pas tenu parole ! La mise à jour officielle 11.0.0 (datant d’hier à peine) qui cassait la compatibilité avec les Custom Firmwares, est donc désormais pleinement supportée. Il s’agit cependant ici d’une pre-release, afin de débusquer les bugs de dernière minute. À utiliser en toute connaissance de cause. Attention, il se peut que certains homebrews ne fonctionnent plus, certaines fonctions ont été modifiées et il faut recompiler les homebrews les utilisant avec la dernière librairie libNX.

On notera également que le support des Mariko (qui nécessitera l’aide d’une puce SX utilisant un firmware tweaké) a énormément évolué. Ce n’est pas encore totalement au point (notamment la sortie de veille de la console), mais c’est sur la bonne voie. SciresM table sur un support total à partir de la version 0.17.0 du Custom Firmware !


↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓

0.16.0 is Atmosphère’s thirty-ninth official release.

fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.16.0.

Please note: Atmosphère 0.16.0 is currently in pre-release.

  • If any bugs are reported while Atmosphère is in pre-release, they will be fixed and the build will be updated.
  • 0.16.0 will transition to release after a short amount of time has passed without pressing bug reports.

With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 0.16.0 is bundled with hbl 2.4.0 (pre-release), and hbmenu 3.4.0 (pre-release).

The following was changed since the last release:

  • Support was added for 11.0.0.
    • exosphère was updated to reflect the latest official secure monitor behavior.
    • mesosphère was updated to reflect the latest official kernel behavior.
    • loader, sm, boot, pgl were updated to reflect the latest official behaviors.
      • Please Note: 11.0.0 implements an opt-in version of the atmosphère sm extension that allows for closing session without unregistering services.
        • Correspondingly, the extension will be deprecated in favor of the new official opt-in command. In 0.17.0, it will be removed entirely.
        • If your custom system module relies on this extension (however unlikely that seems to me), please update it accordingly.
    • erpt was partially updated to provide compatibility with 11.0.0.
      • The latest firmware attaches additional fields and context information to logs.
      • A future atmosphère update will implement this logic, so that users who are interested can also get the new information when examining their logs.
    • Please Note: 11.0.0 introduced breaking changes to the usb system module’s usb:ds API.
      • Homebrew which uses the usb:ds service should rebuild with the latest libnx version to support running on 11.0.0.
  • The boot system module was rewritten to reflect the huge driver changes introduced in 8.0.0.
    • This includes a number of improvements to both logo display and battery management logic.
  • Support was added for configuring the address space width for hbl.
    • The hbl_config!override_address_space_(#) and hbl_config!override_any_app_address_space can now be set to 39_bit, 36_bit, or 32_bit to control the address space for hbl on a per-override basis.
    • If a configuration has not been set, hbl will now default to 39-bit address space.
      • Previously, a legacy 36-bit address space was always used to maintain compatibility with 1.0.0.
      • A new loader extension was added to support 39-bit whenever possible (including mesosphere-on-1.0.0), with fallback to 36-bit when unavailable.
  • Support was added to a number of components for running on Mariko hardware.
    • The boot system module can now safely be run on mariko hardware, performing correct hardware initialization.
    • Daybreak (and generally, system update logic) were updated to be usable on Mariko.
    • Boot0 protection/management logic was updated to perform correct actions on Mariko.
    • Reboot to payload does not and cannot work on Mariko. Correspondingly, A « fatal error » handler was written, to display and save fatal errors from within TrustZone.
    • Please Note: Atmosphere is still not properly usable on Mariko hardware.
      • In particular, wake-from-sleep will not properly function (the magic numbers aren’t set correctly), among a few other minor issues.
  • exosphère received support for building under debug configuration.
    • A small (otherwise unused) portion of IRAM is now reserved for debug-only exosphere code (this region is unused/untouched under release config).
    • This enables logging (including printf) to uart from the secure monitor, for those interested.
  • A number of bugs were fixed, including:
    • Minor issues in a number of filesystem related code were fixed.
    • An issue was fixed that could cause NCM to abort on consoles which came with 3.0.x and were never updated.
  • Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.

For information on the featureset supported by 0.16, please see the official release notes.


Vous pouvez télécharger la pre-release 0.16.0 directement sur le github. Tant que celle-ci ne sera pas « définitive », ell ne sera pas hébergée sur Hackintendo.