DBI 633

Petite mise à jour de cet installeur NSP/NSZ/XCI/XCZ, avec l’ajout d’une fonctionnalité pour récupérer les screenshots de votre Switch par HTTP, et de deux nouvelles options dans le fichier de configuration.


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  • Screenshot Transfer via HTTP: Users can now transfer screenshots from their device to a PC using HTTP. This feature is available under the Tools > Browse Album via HTTP menu option.
  • Configuration Options:
    • EnableNSZ=true: Allows NSZ/XCZ installation in applet mode. This option disables the installation of NSZ/XCZ files when DBI is running in applet mode. It ensures installations can only be done in title mode, either through a forwarder or a game. This mode is characterized by a black background in the application, eliminating the error due to memory insufficiency during unpacking.
    • CreateLFS=true: Creates a LFS (Large File Storage) folder in /atmosphere/contents after game installation.
  • Traditional Chinese Translation: A new version of the application, DBI_znch.nro, has been added to support Traditional Chinese language.