emuiibo/emutool 0.5

XorTroll revient avec une nouvelle version d’emuiibo, totalement réécrite pour corriger l’ensemble des bugs qui impactaient les précédentes moutures (dont l’incompatibilité avec certains jeux).  Le format d’amiibo virtuel évolue une fois de plus, mais pas d’inquiétude, les anciens seront automatiquement convertis. Le firmware 10.x est bien évidemment supporté, et, cerise sur la gâteau, ce homebrew se pare d’un menu Tesla overlay qui facilitera énormément la gestion des amiibos en plein jeu.

emutool, l’utilitaire PC pour éditer les amiibos virtuels, profite également d’une mise à jour, avec l’ajout du support FTP, la corrections de bugs et l’ajout de fonctions qui devraient être bientôt utiles (notamment pour le menu Tesla overlay).


↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓


  • Latest Atmosphere (0.11.1) and 10.0.0 support
  • New virtual amiibo format, consisting on a single JSON file (emuiibo will automatically convert old formats to this new format on startup)


emuiibo has been completely rewritten, and this has been incredibly helpful, since almost any issue present for previous versions is no longer a problem 😉

  • Key combos are no longer a thing, since they were a not very friendly way of controlling emuiibo, and having an overlay is 100 times more helpful.
  • The way emuiibo internally « mimics » Nintendo’s amiibo services has been improved a lot. This was what caused many games to not work fine (Link’s Awakening, Diablo 3, Fire Emblem…). In fact, emuiibo is introducing a new feature which makes amiibo emulation slightly more similar to real amiibos, which made those specific games work (see below).
  • Virtual amiibo connecting/disconnecting: these two are the equivalents of placing a real amiibo in the NFC point/R-stick (connecting it) and removing it from that spot (disconnecting it). Previously, emuiibo « tried » to take care of that manually (games like SSBU asked the user to remove the amiibo after saving progress), which resulted in many games freezing when they read amiibos. Now, simply disconnect the amiibo when you need to remove it, and connect it to use it again!
  • Support for raw bin amiibo dumps works now (it was broken for v0.4)
  • Old (v0.3.x and v0.4) amiibo formats are converted on startup, so no need to create new amiibos, old ones should work 🙂
  • IPC API changed completely, check the overlay’s source as an example of how it works.
  • Now logs are reset on each reboot, so make sure to not reboot or make a copy of emuiibo’s log file if wou want to preserve them! (this was done since the log file would get excessively big if it wasn’t cleaned)

[NEW] Tesla overlay

This is a new addition to the project and, probably, the best and easiest way of controlling emuiibo (thanks to WerWolv for such an amazing project)!

This are its current features:

  • Toggle on/off emulation
  • Control virtual amiibo emulation with emuiibo, select a virtual amiibo as active, connect/disconnect it (see above)
  • Browse through categories, keep your virtual amiibos organized
  • See in real time if the currently opened game is being intercepted by emuiibo (if you have the overlay open while the game runs, you might be able to spot the exact instant in which emuiibo intercepts the game’s amiibo access)


  • Saving virtual amiibos to FTP is now supported.
  • Fixed a bug where amiibos with the same name would make the program fail.
  • Added support to save amiibos using the last location selected to save the previous amiibo, instead of having to select it again (can be quite useful when making many virtual amiibos).
  • Virtual amiibo name and the virtual amiibo’s directory name are now different settings (they used to be treated as the same field before).
  • An option has been added to save the amiibo’s image as a PNG file (amiibo.png), overlay might add support to display it in next versions 😉
  • Added help option, which will point to emuiibo’s repository’s README.
  • [Silent update] fixed a bug in certain cases where emutool would fail to connect to AmiiboAPI (WebException).


  • Can I use 20 hearts link wolf amiibo bin dump with emuiibo?
    • Since BOTW detects the 20 hearts in the link wolf amiibo via amiibo savedata, which emuiibo can’t access on bin dumps since it’s encrypted and we don’t yet support decryption, you will need to extract manually the savedata from your PC (using tools like amiitool) for now.
  • Games which needed emuiibo to be on before they were launched (BOTW) are or will ever be fixed?
    • No – sadly there’s nothing to be fixed here. It’s just how the game uses amiibo services – these games initialize amiibo services the moment they’re launched, so emuiibo needs to be on at that moment to enable emulation in that game.

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.