Goldleaf 0.8

Juste avant la nouvelle année, XorTroll dépoussière son gestionnaire de NSP/XCI. Comme pour la plupart des autres homebrews, il profite des dernières avancées des librairies libnx, simplifiant le code source et le rendant (éventuellement) plus stable. Il intègre également un gestionnaire pour emuiibo 0.4…mais perd le support des forwarders, le développeur estimant qu’il existe d’autres moyens moins « dangereux » (rapport aux bannissements) pour lancer des homebrews. Dommage que certains options, qui n’ont pas forcément leur place dans un gestionnaire de NSP/XCI, sont implementées, tandis que d’autres, très certainement encore usitées, se voient littéralement amputées…

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  • Updated to latest libnx. This simplifies the code, and fixes potential issues? old libnx could have had.
  • Some parts of the code were rewritten or simplified, in order to try to improve Goldleaf’s performance. A lot of nonsense or unused code was removed, and much stuff was simplified thanks to latest libnx changes.
  • Removed forwarder support. There are less ban-baity ways to launch homebrew as applications (via uLaunch or using Atmosphere’s title override)


  • Fixed a bug where deleting the currently selected user would leave Goldleaf in a buggy state (because it would still think that the user is valid)
  • Now amiibo dumping is done via « debug » amiibo/NFP services. Since emuiibo intercepts user (and soon system) services, using debug services means Goldleaf will be able to dump real amiibos even if emuiibo is activated.
  • Custom exception/crash handling: now, when a crash happens (usually segmentation faults), it won’t cause a fatal error, Goldleaf will instead save a simple crash report to /reports and exit normally. Same thing for fatal crashes, which also log fatal reports there.
  • Now rebooting will reboot to RCM/payload, same way as if you rebooted from HOME menu’s power menu.
  • The web browser system was improved, adding now a custom menu, and the possibility to save a page as a bookmark after having browsed it.
  • Added an integrated emuiibo v0.4.0 manager! This simplifies a lot using virtual amiibos:
    • Unlike other managers, Goldleaf checks the amiibo and attempts to get its picture from AmiiboAPI, otherwise displays a default icon.
    • You can change emuiibo’s status (on, on for one use and off) and select a certain amiibo to use.