Hekate 5.8.0 + Nyx 1.3.0

Une fois n’est pas coutume, Hekate se refait une petite beauté sans une mise à jour préalable d’Atmopshère :mrgreen: . Il s’agit ici d’améliorer le support des écrans OLED, d’ajouter la détection d’une possible corruption de données au moment de charger les librairies LPo/Linerva et la correction, bien évidemment, de quelques bugs. L’interface graphique Nyx s’étoffe également, avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités et le support de nouvelles manettes.

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Supports booting ALL current CFWs, Android/Linux booting and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Supports: Erista and Mariko units

Latest HOS supported: 14.1.2

hekate 5.8.0 changes

  • Better backlight control for Aula OLED panel
  • Fixed an issue where Nyx would fail to load after a failed attempt of chainloading a payload
  • Added watchdog timer to protect against hangs from SD corruption when loading and running LP0/Minerva configuration
    Now if the libraries are corrupted and are executed, it will fire the watchdog after 5s if BPMP hangs and reload and skip them
  • Fixed a bug in low battery monitor where it could deinit display 2 times.
  • Various BDK (HW) changes that are propagated to hekate main (aka under the hood improvements)

Notice about Atmosphere 1.0.0 and up: The fss0=atmosphere/fusee-secondary.bin in hekate_ipl.ini must be changed to fss0=atmosphere/package3. And make sure that atmosphere/contents folder does not have old Atmosphere components.
Notice about resized emuMMC: Resized emuMMC does not have the slow bug anymore. You can create a new one or recreate it via Nyx and the issue will be gone.

Nyx v1.3.0 Changes

  • Add support for 5 entries per line in Launch/More Configs for a total of 10 entries
    A new button called Extended Boot Entries is available in Nyx options
  • Support for grey background box removal on launch entries was added
    To remove it, the icon must be named as *_nobox.bmp. This also allows custom made ones built into the icon for better theming support.
  • emuMMC backup now uses backup/{emmc_sn}/emummc folder instead of default in order to keep it separate
  • Switch Lite gamepad (Sio) support
  • Hori gamepads on Switch OLED support
  • Improved Joycon communication.
    Now USB gamepad will behave better. Virtual mouse will not drift (if drift is not an issue). And lastly, BT pair dumping should always succeed first try, if it finds HOS pairings, unlike before where it sometimes failed to find these.
  • Fix archive bit tool now guards against corrupted sd cards, in order to avoid hangs
    It now also reports errors when trying to access folders or fixing archive bits
  • Partition Manager’s Backup/Restore now guards against corrupted sd cards, in order to avoid hangs
  • Partition Manager now offers a full wipe, in case it can backup contents.
  • Partition Manager now backups Mariko Warmboot Storage folder if it can’t do a full backup. (Previously it would only backup the bootloader folder).
  • Fix Hybrid MBR button now also clears hidden Windows attributes for MBR or GPT schemes and also checks if MBR has a GPT partition, in order to avoid revival of dead GPT.
  • Added support for showing info and getting proper ipatches dumps on T210B01 (Mariko)
  • Added info about the new Hynix DRAM chip
  • microSD info now also shows total size of FAT partition
  • Various BDK (HW) changes that are propagated to hekate main (under the hood improvements)