Hekate 6.0.5 + Nyx 1.5.4

Rompant avec la traditionnelle mise à jour suite à l’arrivée d’un nouveau firmware, CTCaer fait aujourd’hui la part belle à Linux, avec une nouvelle version de son excellent bootloader. Il s’agit ici d’anticiper le support de la future revision 5.1.1 de la distribution Linux pour Switch (L4T), qui ne devrait donc plus trop tarder…Pour qui n’est pas intéressé par cet OS alternatif, rien de nouveau sous le soleil !


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Supports booting ALL current CFWs, Android/Linux booting and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Supports: Erista (T210) and Mariko (T210B01) units

Latest HOS supported: 16.0.3

hekate v6.0.5 changes

  • L4T: Add BPMP-FW support for T210 (power management).
  • L4T: Add fine tuned DRAM voltage selection via ram_oc_vdd2 and ram_oc_vddq.
    More info will be in the L4T 5.1.1 config readme.

Nyx changes

  • Lite Gamepad Calibration dumping
    The Joycon BT pairing dump button can now be used to dump calibration data for Lite Gamepad. (Used in L4T 5.1.1, not yet released.)
  • Now eMMC errors will always be reported in eMMC info, even if eMMC init fails.
  • Updated DRAM info about 2 of the 3 newer ram chips (not yet validated).

BDK Changes

  • MINERVA: Fixed an issue where the wrong number of tables could be used.
  • MINERVA: Normalize selected frequency. This allows user to not be precise on ram freq for l4t.
  • MINERVA: Add support for 1966MHz (1958.4) and 2033MHz (2035.2).
  • DRAM: Add support for custom dram id 7 for T210 (7 is easy to burn on top of any T210 ids). This is for 8GB ram chips.
  • DRAM: Name 2 of the 3 new ram chips (Not yet validated, but an educated guess, since all previous ones were correct in the end.)
  • DRAM: Corrected SKU info about mid cycle Hynix RAM chips.
  • PMIC: Reduced max allowed dram voltage for new L4T dram support to be inside official limits.
  • TIMER: A new isleep function was added that allows instruction timed based sleep.
  • SDMMC: Fixed an issue where the wrong error reason was reported for the calibration pad for SD/eMMC