Hekate 6.0.6 + Nyx 1.5.5

Après SciresM, CTCaer sort une mise à jour de son excellent payload Hekate, principalement axée sur l’amélioration du support de Linux (vous aurez notamment tout loisir de paramétrer très finement la fréquence et l’alimentation de la RAM). NYX en profite également, avec de nouvelles options bienvenues pour la gestion des emuMMC (pour migrer ou restaurer un backup).


Attention ! les changements effectués pour le support de Linux nécessitent L4T 5.1.2, qui ne sera mis à disposition qu’à partir de ce week-end.


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Supports booting ALL current CFWs, Android/Linux booting and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Supports: Erista (T210) and Mariko (T210B01) units

Latest HOS supported: 16.1.0

hekate v6.0.6 changes

Boot entries:

  • Allow overriding bootwait
    bootwait can now be used on boot entries to override the global one.

L4T/Arachne T210 (Erista) and T210B01 (Mariko) changes:

  • Automatically set rated DRAM frequency for T210B01 by default.
    Since Arachne is now final and stable use 1866 MHz for old ones and 2133 MHz for newer ones.
    T210 will still use 1600 by default, since these chips are rated as such.
  • Allow T210B01 RAM OC up to 3200 MHz (from 3000) and T210 RAM OC up to 2366 MHz (from 2133)
    Some ram models and binning can handle it. This needs L4T 5.1.2 release and up to work.
  • Improved 8GB table creation for T210
  • Allow ram undervolting. VDD2 min: 1050mV, VDDQ min: 550.
  • Some timings were corrected to use latency based base values instead of frequency
    Raises overall bandwidth performance and lowers latency
  • Added Memory PTSA DDA rework support for increased efficiency
    This needs L4T 5.1.2 release and up for the custom rework changes, to work.

Wiki must be re-read after 5.1.2 L4T release before using these. As always OC must be balanced, not just cranked to max.

Nyx v1.5.5 changes

  • emuMMC backup can be migrated as a file based emuMMC
  • emuMMC restore now uses /backup/{sn}/emummc/restore folder
    The parent restore folder is now avoided since it was always for eMMC restoring
  • Fixed an off-by-one issue with setting year on clock offset
  • Fixed an issue where Nyx would fail to launch on first boot without a hekate_ipl.ini
  • Improved ram channel detection on info
  • Added more cal0 info
  • Added public key info in fuses

BDK Changes

  • FUSES: All fuse register defines were added
    And T210B01 ones have B01 suffix now
  • FUELG: Register dumping moved to bdk for use by other applications
  • T210: Added many useful memio addresses and macros
  • I2C: Fixed stack buffer overflow
  • MINERVA: OC freq is now handled by Arachne