Hekate 6.2.0 + Nyx 1.6.2

comme à chaque nouveau firmware, la valse des mises à jour bat son plein, Hekate ne fait pas exception à la règle et s’aligne donc avec le firmware 18.1.0 tout juste sorti. En bonus, le démarrage d’Atmosphère pourra être jusqu’à 70% plus rapide en fonction des configurations. Nyx n’est pas en reste avec l’ajout de pas mal de fonctionnalités, une optimisation de la vitesse, etc.

EDIT : si vous expérimentez le bug de l’écran bleu, CTCaer a uploadé un nouveau package (v3). Vous pouvez retélécharger l’archive pour en profiter. Le correctif sera officialisé avec la prochaine révision, prévue pour très bientôt.

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hekate v6.2.0 changes

  • HOS 18.1.0 support
  • hekate can now launch HOS by up to 70% faster on many usecases
    Only these usecases are affected. The rest are the same/similar.
  • Many improvements and fixes under the hood (check BDK changes)

emuMMC Changes

Nyx v1.6.2 changes

  • Easter Egg got a massive update
    Added support for T210B01 and all SKUs
    Massive accuracy improvements (code and audio). All quirks are now supported.
    Massive performance improvements. 1583% faster even at 4x scaling.
    Because of that ram is set back to 204 MHz as it’s not longer needed to be fast
    Battery life can now reach up to 20 hours for T210B01 and 13 hours for T210 or Lite
    Non-Color: Added palettes to choose for non-color
    Color: Added color filters
    Color: Added special color mode
    Added 3x scaling (does not support color filters like 2x and 4x)
    Added rumble support
    Added brightness change support
    RTC clock config is now individualized and more proper
    Many many more improvements and fixes
  • USB HID Gamepad was improved
    Now incomplete packets from the input driver will not be parsed.
    Additionally, the driver will only send a new interrupt if an input change was detected and thus reduce cpu load on host side.
  • Touch fw id is now displayed the way HOS does
  • Added OEM ID info for eMMC
  • eMMC GPT partition table is now more compact and can show up to 20 partitions
  • eMMC UMS for BOOT0/1 will now report > 4MB sizes if applicable
    That does not change any functionality. Any software on PCs should still use 4MB flashable images though.
    emuMMC BOOT0/1, as always, are forced to 4MB, no matter what.
  • Console window will now also report right stick values

BDK Changes

BREAKING changes:

  • DISPLAY: The following functions were renamed
    bdk: display: rename functions:
    display_init_framebuffer_pitch -> display_init_window_a_pitch
    display_init_framebuffer_pitch_vic -> display_init_window_a_pitch_vic
    display_init_framebuffer_pitch_inv -> display_init_window_a_pitch_inv
    display_init_framebuffer_block -> display_init_window_a_block
    display_init_framebuffer_log -> display_init_window_d_console
    display_activate_console -> display_window_d_console_enable
    display_deactivate_console -> display_window_d_console_disable
    display_init_cursor -> display_cursor_init
    display_set_pos_cursor -> display_cursor_set_pos
    display_deinit_cursor -> display_cursor_deinit
  • HWINIT: hw_reinit_workaround is now renamed to hw_deinit
  • UTILS: exec_cfg and cfg_op_t are now renamed to reg_write_array and reg_cfg_t
  • FAN: Renamed set_fan_duty and get_fan_speed to fan_set_duty and fan_get_speed

Normal changes:

  • DISPLAY: Massive improvements and deduplication to the driver Part 2
    All Nvidia (incorrect) porting is now reduced to the strictly necessary since we know the exact state of all parts of the driver.
    Differences between T210 and T210B01 are also reduced to a minimum.
    Fixed several Nvidia bugs also. (No noticeable effect)
  • DISPLAY: Use basic profile on Oled panel to get sRGB colors (real natural)
  • DISPLAY: display_get_backlight_brightness now correctly returns duty for Oled panel also
  • DISPLAY: Added display_window_disable, display_set_framebuffer and display_move_framebuffer functions
  • BPMP: Introduced bpmp_clk_rate_relaxed for easier transition to temporary downclocks/overclocks
  • HWINIT: Optimized and streamlined several regulator bringups
  • VIC: Support P8 and R5G5B5 formats
  • JOYCON: Mitigated an Nvidia bug where it would cause a Joycon to not get detected
  • JOYCON: Improved packet checks and rejection of them if corrupted or incomplete
  • FAN: Added fan_set_from_temp(temp) function to automatically control fan based on provided temperature
  • SPRINTF: Added support for right padding and string padding. Check source on how to utilize it
  • TYPES: Added likely(x) and unlikely(x) macros
  • USB: use bpmp_clk_rate_relaxed when enabling clocks
  • IRQ: remove the incorrectly used _irq_ack_source function. That’s only for forced sw irqs.
  • Many improvements and bug fixes