Hekate CTCaer 5.6.4 / Nyx 1.1.0

Le payload Hekate se met à la page pour les Switch OLED, au même titre qu’Atmosphère. Nyx en profite également pour ajouter le support des informations pour les écrans Samsung et des puces mémoires Micron.

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Supports booting ALL current CFWs, Android/Linux booting and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Supports: Erista and Mariko units

Latest HOS supported: 13.0.0

Changes in this version

  • Various optimizations
  • Improved more error messages for HOS boot
    On mariko, instead of a generic « Is BEK missing? », it will now say if it really is missing or the pkg1 is actually corrupt.
    On Erista/Mariko, the « Wrong pkg1 flashed! » error will now also tell which pkg1 type on which unit type.

Notice about Atmosphere 1.0.0 and up: The fss0=atmosphere/fusee-secondary.bin in hekate_ipl.ini must be changed to fss0=atmosphere/package3. And make sure that atmosphere/contents folder does not have old Atmosphere components.
Notice about resized emuMMC: Resized emuMMC does not have the slow bug anymore. You can create a new one or recreate it via Nyx and the issue will be gone.

Nyx v1.1.0 Changes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause hangs on Switch Lite and OLED models
    Disabling Joycon/Fan power would cause a SoC hang with how it was done.
    That issue would manifest as a sudden hang in Nyx with touch/joycon/statusbar not responding.
  • Add Samsung display and touch model number info
  • Add new Micron ram chips model number info
  • Add fuses keygen revision
  • Fixed date/time picker using 30 day check on the wrong months

BDK Changes

  • Fixed an issue on Joycon/Fan 5V regulator for Hoag/Aula that would cause a hang
  • Disabled fan control on Hoag/Aula