Hekate CTCaer Mod 5.2.0/Nyx 0.9.0

Afin de fêter comme il se doit les deux ans du logiciel, CTCaer nous offre une grosse mise à jour de son payload Hekate et de l’interface graphique dédiée « Nyx ». Les modifications sont très nombreuses, notamment un pilote SDMMC amélioré et plus rapide, mais il profite surtout des dernières nouveautés d’Atmosphère 0.12.0. Le fichier exosphere est désormais correctement pris en compte, autorisant par exemple le masquage à la volée du numéro de série de la console (équivalent au homebrew Incognito, sans écriture de la partition PRODINFO). La partie emummc utilise également le nouveau pilote SDMMC ainsi que FastFS pour assurer une vitesse proche du RAW. L’interface graphique « Nyx » s’étoffe énormément, avec de nouvelles options très intéressantes :

  • pilotes USB (permettant de monter la carte SD ou l’emuMMC comme périphérique de stockage sur PC)
  • emulation d’un gamepad avec les joy-con (autorisant de les utiliser comme manette sur PC)
  • utilitaire de partitionnement de la carte SD (pour paramétrer deux emuMMC et/ou Android en plus de HOS)
  • support des joy-con (pratique si le tactile est HS)
  • etc.

Il s’agit donc ici d’une mise à jour conséquente, apportant toutes sortes de nouveautés, ce qui devrait ravir les utilisateurs.


↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓

This version supports booting ALL current CFWs, Android/Linux booting and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Latest HOS supported: 10.0.2

New in this version

  • Updated, improved and faster SDMMC driver
    Faster and proper than before
    Full error checking
    Reinits to lower bus speed if failure
    Supports 1-bit mode (you will get a warning in Nyx if that’s the case)
  • Updated Display Interface driver
    Initializes based on display panel
    Checks if already initialized and deinits first
    Adds Window D and Cursor Window support
  • Add boot time emuMMC selection
    Using the emupath key in a boot entry will load the selected emuMMC.
    This can also be forced by using the correct boot cfg storage bit and writing the path at the emummc path offset. Check readme for these.
    The format is: emupath=emuMMC/RAW1, emupath=emuMMC/SD00, etc.
    (ONLY works with ones created by hekate, as it depends on the raw_based/file_based files that have emuMMC info).
  • Check for HOS FS supporting SD card format
    It disallows booting if SD card is exFAT and FS is the FAT32 only variant
  • Add emummcforce key
    Force emuMMC and disallows booting if emummc.ini is not found or emuMMC is disabled
  • Add exosphere.ini parsing and CAL0 blanking support
    Users are discouraged to enable that Atmosphere feature, as it is not yet validated as safe because of caching
    exosphere.ini prodinfo keys are parsed during boot and applied automatically.
    Users can choose to override them with cal0blank and cal0writesys hekate ini boot entry keys.
    The value of these (0 or 1) will be applied on top exosphere.ini value and will effectively override it.
  • Disallow Auto NOGC in stock
    Users can still force it with kip1patch=nogc

Additional changes:

  • Add EKS support
  • Improve KIP1 patching
  • Add Interrupts handler driver
  • New upgraded gpio driver with full configuration support
  • Exception handling that allows your to always continue
  • Fix Minerva emc table corruption
  • Countless other fixes and additions!! Check commit log if you want to learn more.


  • File based now uses FastFS with speeds almost as fast as RAW
  • Updated, improved and faster SDMMC driver
  • Retries on lower bus speeds if failure and works even in 1-bit mode

Based on https://github.com/m4xw/emuMMC/tree/54b9d24365e1943832a2f50b3324ca11cb0c4999

Nyx v0.9.0

  • USB Driver and Tools
    Check below for added features
    (Keep in mind that if anything goes wrong or you get stuck during a USB op, you can press both VOL buttons to bail out.)
  • USB Mass Storage
    It supports SD Card, eMMC and currently selected emuMMC
    eMMC and emuMMC are read-only by default
  • USB Gamepad emulation (Joy-Con)
    This new usb feature will allow you to use Joy-Con as a free gamepad on a PC.
    Can be paired with tools like x360ce to enable support to all games.
  • SD Card Partition Manager
    Allows you to select up to 2 emuMMC + Linux + Android.
    Any combo is allowed, even if you just want to repartition it back to one FAT partition.
    The procedure is automatic on selecting sizes and offsets.
    The tool is also able to backup your SD Card into Ramdisk and then get restored, if the total used size is less than 1GB. If you have more files than that, you will be asked to copy your files to your PC via UMS.
    It also allows you to flash L4T Linux images and Android Twrp images.
    The Flash Android can be also used to reboot into Twrp if a file to flash is not found.
  • Joy-Con Support
    It acts as a virtual mouse fallback for users with broken touch screens
    Cursor Movement: Left Stick, Click: A / ZL / ZR, Close/Back: B, Log screen: – or +
  • Home Screen Selection support
    You can now choose in Nyx Options between 4 modes:
    -Main menu: Default main menu
    -All Configs: Merges Launch and More Configs as long as there are enough empty slots
    -Launch: Uses Launch screen as home screen
    -More configs: Uses More configs screen as home screen
    All of them support customized background bmp
  • Fix Archive Bits v3
    The new version automatically fixes everything, without the need of 2 options
    It’s extremely fast, because now only changes what needs to be changed. Even if user has thousands of folders
    Supports huge mods or texture packs that are split on FAT32.
    (As long as the folder name has a 3 char extension. Exanmple: zelda_hd_textures.hts)
  • Add Color Theme support for highlighted text
    You can choose in Nyx Options
  • Fuses Info is now HW & Fuses info
    Adds Display panel, Touch panel, DRAM Chips and SoC Chip info
  • Add SD / eMMC RAW read benchmark
    Find it in SD Card or eMMC info
  • Allow eMMC restoring for smaller or bigger backups
    Useful for >32GB eMMC mods. You will get a warn about it.
    If you don’t fit the eMMc modding description, then your backup is corrupt.
  • Add simple emuMMC backup
    It supports all sized partition based emuMMC
    For now it can only backup the first 0xE0 partition that it finds
  • Additional emuMMC changes
    -Allow partition selection when creating a raw partition based emuMMC
    -Clear partition start when creating RAW Partition based emuMMC
    -Refresh emuMMC status window when creating a new emuMMC to reflect the new info
  • Touch panel tuning calibration
    Allows you to fix any issue with touch in Nyx and HOS.
    It will also check your panel for HW issues before proceeding.
    If an issue is found, the calibration will stop to avoid a bug in the touch firmware.
  • Add Window D as Log screen window
    Can be shown by pressing – or + on Joy-Con
    Screenshot function will also save that screen to SD

Additional changes:

  • Add Joy-Con Bluetooth pairing info dump. Used in L4T Android/Linux.
  • Add Update Reboot 2 Payload option
    It automatically updates reboot_payload.bin if fss0 is used.
  • Disallow eMMC operations when battery is low to protect from sudden shut off
  • Add SD error report info in SD Card info
  • Add Ramdisk support
  • Add primitive eMMC BIS support
  • Add Time offset config. This is manually done for now. In a later version, the offset will be parsed from HOS.
  • Fix hanging when parsing non HOS GPT in eMMC info
  • Fix a long standing heap corruption issue that would hang Nyx
  • eMMC Backup/Restore Verification config is now moved to Nyx config (nyx.ini)
  • Fix Battery Charger and Fuel Gauge infos showing wrong values for some stats
  • Allow screenshots only every 2s and add capture effect
  • Decrease Idle power drain
  • Countless other fixes and additions!! Check commit log if you want to learn more.


Check readme.md for more.

NOTE: You will need sept and a custom secmon and warmboot binary to boot > 7.0.0 or stock emuMMC.
NOTE2: hekate is able to get sept binaries from inside a fss0.

Don’t forget to drag n drop bootloader folder into sd card root and hit replace. No need to delete that folder first, especially if you want your configs and payloads.