Julius 1.2.0

bvschaik met à jour son portage Switch de la ré-implémentation open-source du moteur de Caesar III. Celui-ci profite d’optimisations et d’ajustements au niveau général et gameplay. De nombreux bugs et plantages ont été corrigés par la même occasion. Le changelog ne précise cependant pas avec quelles versions des librairies de développement il a été compilé, ce qui laisse planer le doute sur sa compatibilité avec la branche 9.x du firmware de la console.


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Gameplay enhancements

  • Editor: use the assignment editor directly from within Julius. The editor works the same as the original Caesar 3 editor, with the following enhancements:
    • Painting terrain is easier because a green footprint of the terrain appears
    • Demand changes: a feature supported by Caesar 3 but not available in the original editor: events to change the amount that cities will trade with you, similar to price changes
    • Open play: toggle this option to create an open play scenario, without goals and without Caesar’s favor dropping every year
    • The editor is available from the main menu. Note that it requires the editor files to be present in the Caesar 3 installation. Get them here.
  • Better visual feedback when clearing land: buildings to be deleted are highlighted in red
  • Diagonal scrolling using the keyboard: hold down two arrow keys to scroll diagonally
  • Right-click on the City Construction Kit screen to go back to the main menu
  • Aqueduct images are updated when sections are deleted
  • Intro track is played when returning to the main menu

General improvements

  • Upgrade SDL to 2.0.10
    • Note that this SDL version drops support for Windows XP. To play on Windows XP, use the SDL 2.0.9 library instead
  • Smacker videos should play smoother
  • Support for Linux AppImage
  • Support for MP3 files that were available on the official Caesar 3 site
  • Support for the Traditional Chinese version of the game
  • Show warning when Julius detects an unpatched Caesar 3 installation
  • Command-line options meant for HD monitors:
    • –display-scale will scale the display by a factor between 0.5 and 5
    • –cursor-scale will scale the mouse cursor by 1, 1.5 or 2

Gameplay bugfixes

  • Fixed: fishing wharf changing orientation upon save/load game
  • Fixed: infinite loop/game freeze during large battles, notably in the Carthago campaign mission
  • Fixed: corrupt native meeting center graphic when starting custom maps
  • Fixed: governor name was not set or carried over properly in campaign missions
  • Fixed: visual artifacts on earthquake cracks when deleting buildings
  • Fixed: small differences in distant battle behaviour compared to Caesar 3
  • Fixed: figure drawing was slightly off compared to Caesar 3

Technical fixes

  • Fixed: crash when tooltip is drawn off-screen
  • Fixed: crash when a rioter destroys buildings
  • Fixed: crashes when screen becomes smaller than 640×480
  • Fixed: video sound playing too fast on certain hardware
  • Fixed: corrupted video sound for German videos, which use 16-bit audio
  • Fixed: set difficulty and gods enabled to sensible defaults when loading a settings file from an unpatched Caesar 3 installation
  • Fixed: mouse cursor ‘hotspot’ not in the proper location on Vita and Switch builds
  • Fixed: ok/cancel/scroll buttons reacting to click outside the visible button
  • Fixed: multiline text drawing a space before the 2nd and further lines