Julius 1.6.0

Le portage de Caesar III sur Switch vient de profiter d’un bon coup de nettoyage de début d’année. De nombreux bugs ont été corrigés tandis que des améliorations en pagaille sont de la partie.  Les portages Switch et Vita, plus spécifiquement, ont subi un petit upgrade concernant la gestion des fichiers. Enfin, le tout fonctionne désormais avec SDL 2.0.14.

↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓

General improvements

  • Minimap of the scenario can be displayed when selecting a map to play
  • Bridge cost is shown before building the bridge
  • Roads lead into the access ramps to indicate that access ramps are part of the road network
  • Undo is disabled after certain houses upgrade to prevent visual corruption
  • Granary info window shows cart status when it’s getting food from another granary
  • Construction: plaza shows as green when over a road with people on it. Previously it was red but the player could still place it
  • Construction: fountain shows as red when over a building or other non-clear tile. It still indicates whether that tile has reservoir access
  • Android release is available on Google Play

Configuration options

  • New option: display scale
  • New option: cursor scale
  • Note: both options were already available as command-line arguments
  • Removed option: « Fix Emperor change and survival time » – the option wasn’t in line with the project’s goals


  • Fix entertainer corrupting building memory in certain cases
  • Fix screen that stayed black after pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on Windows
  • Fix people on bridges not having a portrait on right-click
  • Fix crash on Vita when no music is installed
  • Fix being able to place disabled buildings in tutorial missions using their hotkey
  • Fix « Disable right click to drag map » also disabling scrolling on touch devices
  • Fix some Android devices showing the window with wrong colors
  • Fix small bug with visual feedback on delete
  • Fix cursor corrupting on certain Windows 10 versions
  • Fix intro video playback causing skipped videos and unexpected audio on slow devices
  • Fix top menu items overlapping with the city funds for more verbose languages
  • Fix press effect not showing for image buttons
  • Fix ‘right-click to close window’ not working when mouse cursor was over a button
  • Fix visual bug when undoing deleted houses
  • Fix incorrect scaling mode applied when using a custom display scale, which resulted in pixelated graphics
  • Fix freeze on Vita and Switch when opening the keyboard input window

Technical improvements

  • Upgraded SDL to 2.0.14
  • Android: upgraded build tools and SDK version
  • Performance improvements for editor and top menu
  • Performance improvements related to file handling on Vita and Switch