Lockpick RCM 1.8.0

shchmue met à jour son payload de dump des clés Switch afin qu’il soit compatible avec le firmware 9.1.0 récemment sorti. Il en a profité pour corriger quelques bugs.


↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓
  • Lockpick_RCM now supports firmware 9.1.0. Like in update 9.0.0, the root keys didn’t change and so consoles on any version from 8.1.0-9.1.0 will dump all current keys.
  • Minerva should be updated on SD to use its performance benefits. If the old library is present, Minerva will not activate.
  • Also corrected bug where SD seed verification vector was being read from sysnand even when dumping keys from emunand.



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