mGBA 0.9.1

endrift a récemment mis à jour son excellent émulateur Gameboy/Gameboy Advance pour gommer un certain nombre de bugs qui pouvaient ruiner l’expérience utilisateur. Il est donc plus que recommandé de l’utiliser !

↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓
0.9.1: (2021-04-18)
Emulation fixes:
 - ARM: Fix LDM^ with empty rlist (fixes
 - Core: Fix first event scheduling after loading savestate
 - GB Serialize: Fix switching speed modes when loading a state (fixes
 - GB: Fix skipping BIOS
 - GBA Memory: Fix loading Thumb savestates when in ARM mode
 - GBA Video: Fix window start on modes 3-5 with mosaic (fixes
 - GBA Video: Fix mode 3-5 overflow with mosaic (fixes
Other fixes:
 - GBA: Fix non-USA 1.0 FireRed misdetecting as a ROM hack (fixes
 - GBA: Fix crash when ROM loading fails
 - GBA e-Reader: Fix bitmap short strip scanning
 - GBA Video: Fix mode 5 frame 1 caching (fixes
 - GBA Video: Don't attempt to copy invalid registers when switching renderer
 - Qt: Fix crash when switching from high-resolution OpenGL renderer to software
 - Qt: Fix OpenGL renderer lagging behind when fast-forwarding (fixes
 - Qt: Fix smudged window icon on Windows
 - Qt: Fix saving settings enabling camera when camera name changes (fixes
 - Qt: Fix frames getting backlogged (fixes
 - Qt: Restore maximized state when starting (fixes
 - Core: Truncate preloading ROMs that slightly exceed max size (fixes
 - GBA: Default-enable VBA bug compat for Ruby and Emerald ROM hacks
 - GBA Memory: Log GPIO writes on non-GPIO carts as Pak Hardware instead of Memory
 - Qt: Add ROM filename and size to bug reporter
 - Qt: Improve handling of disabling VBA bug compat mode (fixes





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