MissionControl 0.2.1

ndeadly met à jour son excellent sysmodule dédié au Custom Firmware Atmosphère, permettant d’utiliser toutes sortes de manettes bluetooth sur Switch. Cette version ajoute le support du firmware 10.2.0 et de nouvelles manettes, tout en corrige un méchant bug de conversion des valeurs du joystick analogique WiiU qui pouvait provoquer des fonctionnements erratiques avec certaines manettes.

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Mostly just a quick update to add support for the newly released 10.2.0 firmware. In addition to this, support for a few more controllers has been added and a WiiU controller bug fixed.

Remember that btdb.nro is completely optional and is only really useful to the end user to assist me in supporting new controllers.


  • Added support for firmware 10.2.0
  • Fixed a bug with the conversion of WiiU analog stick data that could cause extreme values in X and Y to wrap around to the opposite side in some controllers.
  • Added support for the following controllers
    • Steelseries Free
    • GameSir G3s
    • Hori Onyx

IMPORTANT: Atmosphère 0.14.3 is required to run this release of MissionControl. Older Atmosphere versions will cause the console to hang or crash during boot.
Users upgrading from version 0.1.0 of MissionControl are also advised to wipe their pairing database and re-pair controllers running 0.2.0 or greater. Failure to wipe the old entries may result in non-switch controllers being detected incorrectly.


Manettes supportées :

  • Nintendo Wii Remote + extensions (Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, SNES Mini)
  • Nintendo WiiU Pro Controller
  • Sony DualShock4 Controller
  • Microsoft Xbox One S/X Controller (modèle bluetooth uniquement)
  • Ouya Controller
  • Gamestick Controller
  • Gembox Controller
  • Ipega Controllers (9062S, 9023, 9096 confirmed working. Others may also work)
  • Xiaomi Mi Controller
  • Steelseries Free Controller
  • GameSir G3s Controller
  • Hori Onyx Controller




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