NX-Shell 4.0.0

Joel16 met à jour son explorateur de fichiers destiné à la Switch. Celui-ci s’étoffe, avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités bienvenues : support des stockages USB, navigation des partitions SAFE/USER/SYSTEM de l’eMMC (qui avaient été retirées). L’inteface a été revue, et des bugs ont été corrigés.

↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓
  • FS:
    • Added support for browsing USB devices.
    • Switched back to libc to handle FS operations.
    • Brought back support for browsing other devices such as safe, user and system.
  • GUI:
    • Update to imGui v1.88.
    • Switch to imGui’s new keyEvent API.
    • The two views (File Browser and Settings) can now be navigated as tabs.
    • Switched from list view to a table view using imGui’s table API.
    • Sorting is no longer applied from settings, it can be done directly by clicking on the table column headers.
    • A new selector has been added to allow the user to switch to different devices such as safe, user, USB etc.
    • Settings are no longer categorized by imGui’s tree system.
    • No longer uses SDL2 as a backend, but instead uses opengl v3 directly (along with egl).
  • Fixes:
    • Properly delete config file if the config file version is outdated.
    • Properly free textures after exiting application.
    • Fixed scrolling via the right joystick after zooming into an image.
    • Lots of code clean up and under the hood changes that are too many to list here.

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