NxFileViewer 2.4.0

MysterTee propose une nouvelle version de son utilitaire Windows permettant d’afficher/extraire le contenu des fichiers NSP/NSZ/XCI/XCZ. Plusieurs options ont été ajustées, notamment pour ce qui concerne la validité des signatures (hashes) des NCA ou bien encore la possibilité d’indiquer un lien pour télécharger title.keys.


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  • Properties of ticket files (*.tik) are displayed
  • Title ID keys from the ticket files are now loaded and used for opening NCA contents


  • Keys files being used are displayed in the settings
  • New command added for reload keys on demand
  • «title.keys» can also be downloaded from an URL defined in the settings
  • Can edit keys from the settings
  • New setting added for reloading keys each time a file is opened
  • Keys download URL can be immediately tried
  • Missing title keys are displayed via an icon in the status bar
  • Can open location of opened file via context menu of «Overview» tab
  • NCA (or NCZ) Sections are displayed even when content can’t be opened
  • FIX: NCA hash is not anymore considered valid when NCA content cannot be opened
  • Hash status moved to «Section» items instead of «NCA» items
  • Tooltip added for displaying NCA’s hash or NCA’s signature error
  • Text of help tooltips can be copied



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