Retroarch 1.8.9

Le temple de l’émulation nous offre une nouvelle mise à jour. Le journal des modifications est une fois de plus long comme le bras, mais on notera surtout un correctif, plus que bienvenu, au niveau des sauvegardes d’état. Celles-ci seront désormais correctement écrites sur la carte SD avant de quitter le logiciel, évitant ainsi toute perte inopinée de données. Afin de profiter des derniers cœurs d’émulation, il est évidemment recommandé de mettre à jour !

↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓


  • AUTO SAVESTATES: Ensure save states are correctly flushed to disk when quitting RetroArch (fixes broken save states when exiting RetroArch – without first closing content – with ‘Auto Save State’ enabled)
    BUILTIN CORES: Builtin cores like ffmpeg and imageviewer would previously try to erroneously load a dynamic core named ‘builtin’ – this would fail and would just be a wasteful operation – this now skips dylib loading in libretro_get_system_info for builtin cores
  • CHEEVOS: Report API errors when unlocking achievements or submitting leaderboards
  • CHEEVOS: Support less common file extensions
  • CHEEVOS: Disable hardcore mode when playing BSV file
  • CHEEVOS: Correctly report unlocked non-hardcore achievements when hardcore is paused
  • CHEEVOS/M3U: Bugfix – did not handle absolute/relative paths in M3U files correctly before
  • CHEEVOS/M3U: Bugfix – it didn’t handle comments/directives
  • CHEEVOS/M3U: Bugfix – it doesn’t handle trailing whitespace
  • CHEEVOS/M3U: Bugfix – failed when loading M3U files with certain line endings
  • CORE MANAGEMENT: Add ‘core management’ menu (Settings -> Core)
  • CORE MANAGEMENT: Add option to backup/restore installed cores
  • CORE MANAGEMENT: Improved core selection logic
  • CORE INFO: Search search optimisations
  • CORE DOWNLOADER: Rename ‘Core Updater’ to ‘Core Downloader’
  • CORE DOWNLOADER: Add ‘Show Experimental Cores’ setting under Settings > Network > Updater
  • CORE DOWNLOADER: Core licenses are now shown for all entries in the Core Updater menu
  • CORE DOWNLOADER: Pressing RetroPad select on a Core Updater entry will now display any text in the description field of its info file
  • CORE DOWNLOADER: Installed cores are now highlighted via a [#] symbol
  • CORE DOWNLOADER: Pressing RetroPad start on a selected, installed entry opens the Core Information menu (when using Material UI, swiping left or right triggers the same action). This means we can now view bios info etc. – and more importantly delete cores – without jumping through all the hoops of loading a core first and navigating all over the place
  • CORE DOWNLOADER/UPDATER: Add option to automatically backup cores when updating
  • DISK CONTROL: Enable ‘Load New Disc’ while disk tray is open
  • INPUT: Added a hotkey delay option to allow hotkey input to work properly when it is assigned to another action
  • INPUT: Remove ‘All Users Control Menu’ setting, was buggy and will be properly reintroduced after input overhaul
  • LINUX: Set default saves/save states/system paths
  • LOCALIZATION: Add Persian language
  • LOCALIZATION: Add Hebrew language
  • LOCALIZATION: Add Asturian language
  • MENU: Proper line wrapping for message dialog boxes
  • MENU/HOTKEYS: Add sublabels to all hotkey bind entries
  • MENU/QUICK MENU: Suppress the display of ’empty’ quick menu listings when closing content
  • MENU/OZONE: Performance improvements
  • MENU/SDL: Add mouse controls
  • OPENGL1/VITA: Initial changes for HW context without FBO
  • OVERLAYS: Add options for moving the on-screen overlay
  • PLAYLISTS/WINDOWS: Fix core path entries in image/video/music history playlists
  • PS2: Add back CDFS support
  • SDL/GL: Advertise GLSL support
  • VIDEO/WIDGETS: Fix heap-use-after-free errors, leading to memory corruption
  • VITA: Added custom bubbles support
  • VITA: VitaGL update
  • VULKAN/WSI: Better frame pacing
  • VULKAN/WSI: Fix Intel Mesa being broken when using Fences, we have to use Semaphores to acquire the swapchain or the entire GPU stalls
  • VULKAN/WSI: Add support for either using fences or semaphores when syncing
  • VULKAN/WSI: Prefer using semaphores for integrated GPUs as it promotes better throughput over fences
  • VULKAN/WSI/ANDROID: Do not use mailbox emulation on Android
  • UWP/XBOX: Potentially improve performance by enabling ‘Game Mode’








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