Retroarch 1.9.10

Retroarch poursuit son ascension d’un pas décidé, avec des mises à jour à un rythme très soutenu. Cette nouvelle version corrige, entre autre, un paquet de bugs DirectX11/DirectX12/HDR. La Switch profite des filtres vidéo, la Wii U corrige les soucis de manettes HID, tandis que la 3DS améliore le support de l’écran du bas.

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  • 3DS: Add bottom screen idle state
  • 3DS: Add unique IDs for Gearboy/Gearcoleco/Gearsystem, correct CAP32 code
  • 3DS/SAVESTATES: Fix RAM states to file when core deinits
  • AUDIO/MIXER: Pad sample buffers to prevent potential heap-buffer-overflows when resampling (fixes crash when using 30 kHz menu audio files)
  • AUDIO/LINUX/SNAP: Add JACK support
  • CHEEVOS: Don’t write achievement credentials to overrides
  • CHEEVOS: Disable slowmotion when enabling hardcore mode
  • D3D9: Fixed MVP matrix issue for RGUI texture (main game frame still won’t show up though)
  • D3D11/D3D12/HDR: Fixed contrast to be more correct – now scales from 0-10 linearly and behaves more the way you’d expect it to – changed name to ditch legacy settings users may have
  • D3D11/HDR: Fixed D3D11’s blend, rasterizer and topology states not being set to the sames when using HDR and leaving the menu – caused issues with PCSX2’s Shadow of the Colossus
  • D3D11/D3D12/HDR: Added ability to skip inverse tonemapper to the shader via the constant buffer using ‘inverse_tonemap’ – set to 0.0f to skip
  • D3D11/D3D12/HDR: Fixed potential bug when swapping between hdr and sdr and the bit depth not being set correctly
  • D3D11/D3D12/HDR: Added numerous helper functions to help create the correct values to colour the UI – normally the white UI elements should be rendered at paper white not max brightness for various reasons
  • BUGFIX/ANDROID: Fix crash that could happen on Android with Sameboy core – would crash on rumble function
  • GFX/WIDGETS: New regular widget message appearance
  • INPUT/MOUSE: Add distinct mouse zero index label for drivers that do not support multimouse
  • INPUT/RUMBLE: Add generic rumble gain to input settings
  • INPUT/UDEV/X11: Add workaround to fix keyboard input when using X11 + Udev
  • LIBNX/SWITCH: Add Video Filters support
  • LOCALIZATION: Fetch translations from Crowdin
  • PLAYLISTS: Add ‘Refresh Playlist’ option
  • STEAM: Initial release on Steam
  • UWP/VFS/XBOX: Improvements and bugfixes to UWP VFS driver
  • VIDEO/REFRESH RATE: Automatic PAL/NTSC refresh rate switch where available – as long as the platform display server allows changing refresh rates and the display has the desired refresh rate
  • VIDEO FILTERS: Add ‘Picoscale_256x-320×240’ video filter
  • WIIU/HID: Fix analog inputs on HID devices







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