Retroarch 1.9.3

Le temple de l’émulation revient dans une nouvelle version, que l’on pourrait qualifier de mise à jour de maintenance. Le journal des modifications n’est en effet pas bien épais pour une fois, et corrige principalement les petits bugs découverts dans la précédente révision.


↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓


  • 3DS: Disable menu screensaver animations in XMB/GLUI
  • COMMAND: Initialize netcmd->cmd_source_len before recvfrom()
  • CONTENT LOADING/STATICALLY LINKED: Ensure ‘Always Reload Core on Run Content’ setting is applied when loading content via the file browser
  • CONTENT LOADING/EMSCRIPTEN: Fix content loading via file browser on platforms with ‘broken’ core handling (i.e. emscripten)
  • CORE INFO: Skip whitespace when writing compressed core info cache files
  • CORE INFO/FILE IO: Core Info cache; significant file I/O performance improvements on systems with slow disk file I/O
  • CORE INFO/FILE IO: Enable core info cache by default on all ‘console’ platforms
  • FREEBSD: FreeBSD build fix
  • LAKKA: Support for tweaking CPU governors/scaling policies
  • LAKKA: This adds managed policies and settings to store them and reload them at startup
  • LIBRETRO API: Add API extension for cores to override frontend fast-forward state
  • MENU/RGUI: Fix saving of config files/overrides when ‘Lock Menu Aspect Ratio’ is enabled
  • SHADERS: Fix ‘Auto-Shader Delay’ functionality
  • UWP/D3D11: Disable mipmap generation
  • UWP/XBOX: Add ‘Force 4K resolution’ option (Force the resolution to the fullscreen size on Xbox, if set to 0, a fixed value of 3840 x 2160 will be used)








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