scummVM 2.8.1 « Oh Mmy ! »

Une nouvelle version du génial interpréteur ScummVM vient de sortir. Il s’agit ici d’une mise à jour de maintenance pour corriger de nombreux (petits) bugs sur les différents moteurs de jeux (AGI, AGS, GRIM, SWORD2, MM, mTropolis, NANCY, SCUMM, TWINE, Ultima, and V-Cruise)


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2.8.1 (2024-03-31)


  • Fixed GLSL version parsing on some OpenGL ES2 platforms.
  • Don’t try to use shaders on old OpenGL implementations.


  • Fixed Space Quest 1 version 1.0X freezing in the skimmer.
  • Fixed Mixed-Up Mother Goose message boxes during nursery rhymes.
  • Fixed Mixed-Up Mother Goose graphics in Amiga version.
  • Fixed Gold Rush clock time at Fast and Fastest speeds.
  • Fixed Atari ST version of Manhunter 1 not starting.
  • Fixed Tandy CoCo3 version of Leisure Suit Larry 1 not starting.
  • Fixed Tandy CoCo3 unofficial ports not starting.
  • Fixed Amiga menus in Space Quest 1, Manhunter 1, and Manhunter 2.
  • Fixed Graham facing away from the king in King’s Quest 1.
  • Fixed Alexander getting stuck on the stairs in King’s Quest 3.
  • Fixed Larry being able to shoplift in Leisure Suit Larry 1.
  • Fixed ducks not jumping at the start of Donald Duck’s Playground.
  • Fixed instant death in fan game « Phil’s Quest: The Search for Tolbaga ».
  • Fixed buttons freezing in fan game « DG: The AGIMouse Adventure ».
  • Fixed unrecognized words in fan game « V – The Graphical Adventure ».
  • Added detection for Macintosh version of Mixed-Up Mother Goose.


  • Updated detection tables.
  • Simplified character import from Sierra games for QfG2 AGDI.
  • Fixed graphical glitch affecting Unavowed and Heroine’s Quest.
  • Fixed partial outlines for some letters in Kathy Rain.
  • Fixed crash in Alum.
  • Added stub to prevent crash at the beginning of Falcon City.

Broken Sword 2:

  • Fixed crash when quitting the game while it was paused.


  • Enabled engine, allowing MM1 and Xeen to be compiled.
  • Added MT32/LAPC-1 support for Xeen engine.
  • Fixed Xeen regression which caused some sound effects to stop abruptly.


  • Fixed crash in Muppet Treasure Island on some platforms.
  • Fixed jewel puzzle in Muppet Treasure Island not being randomized.


  • Fixed the telephone hints in Secrets Can Kill.
  • Fixed the crashing and drawing issues on ARM machines when playing Message in a Haunted Mansion’s maze minigame.
  • Fixed the ‘M’ keyboard key not working in Message in a Haunted Mansion.
  • Allowed general keymaps to be shown in the engine Keymaps menu.
  • Virtual keyboard now correctly triggers on/off wherever text input is needed.


  • Fix screen corruption (and sometimes even crashes) in Mac Loom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, most noticeably when using menu shortcut keys.
  • Fix enabling/disabling of Open and Save in Mac Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


  • Fix ladder climbing regression.
  • Fix scenery zoom issue.
  • Fix animation glitches after using the holomap.


  • Fix Ultima VIII hidden minimap blocking keyring use.
  • Fix Ultima VIII page breaks in books.
  • Fix Ultima VIII text centering for plaques.
  • Fix Ultima VIII crash on dragging items to screen edge.
  • Fix Ultima VIII unexpected jumping on left click.
  • Fix Ultima VIII camera during cutscenes for Shrine of the Ancient Ones.
  • Fix Ultima VIII invalid placement of items within containers.
  • Fix Ultima VIII never-ending lava sounds.


  • Fixed crash in Reah: Face the Unknown and Schizm: Mysterious Journey when music is muted.

Android port:

  • Fixed crash in built-in help with German language.

Atari port:

  • Fixed crash when exiting ScummVM.
  • Fixed BBVS (and possibly others) gameplay by using more precise math model.

macOS port:

  • Fixed a problem where some Mac games would not load resources correctly.
  • Updated application icon to conform with modern standards.



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