Snes9x RX 5.0.0

niuus continue de faire vivre l’emulation Super Nintendo…et par la même occasion la scène homebrews Wii, avec une mise à jour assez conséquente de l’excellent Snes9X. Beaucoup d’optimisations ont été opérées, la logique de certaines fonctions a été modifiée de manière à simplifier l’utilisation, la liste de compatibilité des adaptateurs manette s’est étoffée et les options de filtrage vidéo ont gagné de nouvelles options.


↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓
[v5.0.0 – 20220422]
  • Use I4 instead of RGBA8 for fonts (much less memory). [Daryl]
  • When unable to load the default rom directory, just drop into device
    root. Don’t show an error when unable to find a load device. [Daryl]
  • Silence a few warnings. [Daryl]
  • Remove S9xChooseMovieFilename. [bearoso]
  • Remove S9xSetPalette. [bearoso]
  • Remove S9xChooseFilename. [bearoso] This is integration of the frontend with the core. Disable
    the snapshot button mappings that use it. Any frontend should
    implement those port commands its own.
  • Load cover images directly from file instead of an
    intermediary buffer. [Daryl]
  • Correct aspect ratio by changing viWidth to 644. [vaguerant]
  • Add ability to change the player mapped to a
    connected (Wireless) controller. [Tantric]
  • Change max game image dimensions to 640×480, fix bug
    in png loading. [Tantric]
  • Add support for Mayflash 2-port SNES USB adapter. [EthanArmbrust]
  • New scanlines filter setting. (thanks Tanooki16!)
    Now nicknamed 50% and 25% for RX, I added the option to select between both,
    so you can choose whether you like darker scanlines (old method)
    or subtler ones (new method).
  • Add A+B+SELECT+START for back to menu on Wiimote controller extensions.
    Based on the similar commit by Tantric for Snes9xGX.
  • If arguments are passed to the emu to autoboot a game, then the main
    menu button should be labelled Exit, and leave the emu instead of going
    back to the main menu. Cleanup autoboot code. [Tantric]
  • Add support for mapping more than 128KByte SRAM. [cout/qwertymodo]
  • Add 128KByte SRAM support in cheats. [qwertymodo]
  • New Scale2x filter added. (thanks Tanooki16!)
    Originally developed by Andrea Mazzoleni for the AdvanceMAME project.
  • Add support for Speedlink Hornet Gamepad USB. (thanks revvv!)
  • Prevent cheat name overflow. [Daryl]
  • Support forwarders that pass in sd1:/ [Tantric]
  • Add ability of FastROM hacks to use SuperFX. [bladeoner]
  • Set SRAM initialization to set whole buffer. [bearoso] …not just a few bytes. Add a TODO comment at allocation.
    These never change, so they should ideally be static.
  • Add heuristic to detect 6MB Earthbound hack.
    Makes « Mother 2 Deluxe » romhack playable.
  • UStealth support.
  • Wii 480p video fix. [Extrems]
  • More 3rd party controllers support. [Tantric] Fix 3rd party classic controllers that don’t send calibration data.
    For those controllers, use default values.
  • Important readme updates.