Switchroot Android 11 (beta 1)

La team Switchroot est heureuse de nous présenter la première version d’Android 11 compatible avec l’ensemble des Switch, notamment les modèles Mariko qui étaient jusqu’à présent privés de dessert. Il s’agit ici d’une version beta, qui peut donc présenter quelques bugs, dont certains sont déjà connus et seront très probablement corrigés avec une prochaine revision :

  • Docking sometimes requires undocking and redocking and some weird displays sometimes don’t work–this will improve with updates
  • Docking sometimes defaults to a stupid resolution–just adjust in the Switch Configuration app
  • IMU seems to be broken on all devices–no support is planned for the Invensense IMU found in the OLED, but the STM ones should work–not sure why they don’t
  • CEC does not work
  • Volume UI does not work due to platform bug
  • RSMouse is not included
  • Shield TV Remote trackpad does not work
  • Framebuffer logging does not work in our U-Boot, so if you get a hang due to improper board initialization (modchip error), nothing will print–this should be fixed in an update
  • adb, mtp, etc. do not work when USB3 is disabled
  • First boot after an in-place upgrade may result in a crash or immediate reboot to recovery–this should only be temporary, and you should be able to somewhat safely ignore this


↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓'
  • Updated to Android 11/LineageOS 18.1
  • Switch to Lineage Recovery as default recovery (TWRP available as standalone flashable image on download page)
  • Support for all Mariko models (v2, Lite, OLED)
  • Migrated bootloader to L4T-Loader
  • Built-in GMS – Support for desktop GL
  • Full hardware composition/overlays (including when docking)
  • Overclocking profiles added via hekate ini entries (see wiki for details)
  • JoyCons work in more apps now (including GeForce Now)
  • Updated Shield stock content, firmware, etc. to Shield Experience 9.1.1
  • Massively improved Wi-Fi support and consistency (no more channel workaround)
  • Improved DeviceSettings (now Switch Configuration) with JoyCon config options to replace zips like joycon-xbox and new panel options
  • Docking supported with or without internal panel mirroring
  • Console Launcher (https://www.consolelauncher.app/) built in, with Pro upgrade included for free for all Switchroot users (Thanks @TheKyle#8441!)
  • Touch and controller keyboards built in on both ATV and tablet distributions
  • Switchroot themeing, including background and some color scheme elements
  • Fixes for some button registration on Nintendo controllers in different apps
  • Most of the kernel-side improvements in L4T (like ddr200 support for compatible SD cards) also apply here
  • Many more QoL changes and fixes–read the commit logs for more info




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