SXOS 3.0.2 beta

Le statut « beta » de ce Custom Firmware de la team Xecuter se confirme chaque jour, avec une énième mise à jour catastrophe. Une fois encore, les trous sont bouchés tant bien que mal. Par rapport à la version 3.0.1 (d’hier), l’erreur (de plus en plus) récurrente 2162-0002 a été corrigée…jusqu’à la prochaine révision ? Si vous vous sentez l’âme d’un beta-testeur, il est donc conseillé de mettre rapidement à jour…ou patienter sur la dernière version stable (2.9.5). Le choix vous appartient !

↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓
Following the release of SX OS 3.0.0 beta we got a lot of feedback from the community again. Today we are releasing SX OS 3.0.2 Beta to address some important issues.

  • Fixed error 2162-0002 game crashes (v3.0.2 only, v3.0.1 been purged)
    We introduced a regression in SX OS 2.9.5 which made some games crash with error code 2162-0002 (when accessing in game manuals and such). This has been addressed and resolved.
  • Fixed savedata bug
    In some instances game progress would not be saved correctly. This behavior could be observed in « castle crashers » (for example). This has been tracked down and resolved!
  • Reworked « GPT Repair » functionality for big-NAND users
    Some people with bigger NAND chips reported not being able to boot into SX OS with our latest update. Affected users should use the « GPT repair » option in the SX OS boot menu (Under options -> NAND) which has been revised to fix the partition table for people with bigger capacity NAND chips.
  • Popular extensions working again
    Popular extensions to SX OS like SX Autoloader, Tesla Overlays and sys-clk overlay are fully working again!
  • Reboot to payload functionality restored
    You can now reboot to any payload again. (Only for Erista consoles)
  • EmuNAND on eMMC working again
    We got reports of EmuNANDs stored on eMMC no longer working, this has been addressed and fixed.
  • Many other minor stability improvements
    General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.




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