Tinfoil / Lithium 13.0

Blawar met à jour son gestionnaire de NSP/XCI. Celui-ci se bonifie de nouvelles fonctionnalités très pratiques, qui lui faisaient défaut par rapport à la « concurrence ». On notera ainsi le support des fichiers NSZ (enfin), des disques durs USB (comme source d’installation), et la possibilité d’installer la cartouche insérée.

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Tinfoil v13.0

Release Notes

  • Added support for a new NSP compression format called NSZ, which can compress NSP’s up to 80% smaller which reduces their storage footprint, and increases their install speed. The format is described here: https://github.com/blawar/nsz
  • Added ability to re-arrange locations.
  • Added support for « blocked » NSZ installation.
  • Automatically resets required version upon install and uninstall.
  • Added Help section.
  • Added « Recommended » section.
  • Added « Parental Mode » for filtering content and features for young children.
  • Added Retroarch ROM launching.
  • This application does not work with sys-clk, ReverseNX, SaltyNX, and likely others. If you are experiencing issues, please try removing every single file on your sd card except sdmc:/nintendo/ and reinstall your CFW without any mods + tinfoil.
  • Added game cartridge installation.
  • Added USB hard drive support.
  • Added support for zippysave and anonfiles.


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