USBLoader GX 3.0 rev1280

En ce jour de l’an, wiidev nous fait la surprise d’une mise à jour pour l’un des plus grands loaders de la Wii/vWii : USBLoader GX. Celui-ci a en effet repris les reines du développement, succédant à Cyan, et apporte depuis de nouvelles fonctionnalités plus que bienvenues. Pour cette mise à jour, on notera la compatibilité avec les cartes SD pour lancer les jeux Wii ou bien encore le choix automatique du cIOS en fonction du jeu (extrêmement pratique pour les jeux à problème !). La mis en cache bénéficie par ailleurs d’une amélioration notable, et de nombreux correctifs rendent l’expérience utilisateur bien plus agréable. La Wii n’a pas encore dit son dernier mot !


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This is the new home for the official version of USB Loader GX! ????


  • Added the ability to play Wii games from SD cards
  • Added automatic cIOS selection for games (cIOS changes are recommended)
  • Added automatic language selection for when a Wii game doesn’t support your systems language (requires wiitdb.xml)
  • Added basic CISO support for Nintendont
  • Added an option to render games at their framebuffer widths
  • Added an option to hide or show your game count
  • Added an option to remember your last played game
  • Added patches that make Kirby’s Return to Dreamland playable (SUKE01, SUKP01 and SUKJ01)
  • Added cover action options for the list view (download covers or view information)
  • Added the ability to navigate USB Loader GX via guitars
  • Added the ability to scroll through the channel grid view
  • Added support for multiple instances with separate config files (this is mainly a developer feature)
  • Added support for Devolution’s progressive patching and regional emulated memory cards (thanks to xperia64)


  • Fixed an issue that made Excite Truck unplayable
  • Fixed an issue that made Driver: San Francisco freeze after you’d complete the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue that prevented other homebrew from accessing your USB storage device
  • Fixed an issue that prevented USB Loader GX from launching custom channel forwarders correctly
  • Fixed an issue that prevented homebrew from returning you back to USB Loader GX when you’d exit
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Devolution from loading games from an SD card (thanks to xperia64)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the amount of free space to not be displayed correctly
  • Fixed an issue that would cause game ID’s to be displayed for EmuNAND titles


  • Drastically improved caching (huge thanks to Oddx for this)
  • Improved the accuracy of the region information that’s displayed in the list view
  • Improved cover downloading (it refreshes less and it should download more covers)
  • Improved the quality of the built-in audio files
  • The DVD should now stop spinning after you’ve installed a game
  • Nintendont’s PAL50 patch can now be applied to any video mode
  • Game ID’s can now be viewed from the info screen (press 2 when the cursor is over a game)
  • Some EmuNAND and WAD settings were cleaned up
  • USB Loader GX can be compiled with devkitPPC r41
  • The development environment was overhauled (Visual Studio Code support, Codespaces support etc.)
  • Some translations were updated (thanks to bjxuf, DDinghoya & Bamsemesteren)
  • Other miscellaneous corrections and improvements