AtlasNX Kosmos 14.0.1 « Circus Band »

La valse des mises à jour continue, cette fois-ci bien sûr avec le pack All-In-One « AtlasNX Kosmos ». Une première version (14.0.0) sortie peu après Atmosphère étant affectée d’un vilain bug, elle a vite été remplacée par cette nouvelle version 14.0.1 sortie il y a quelques minutes à peine.

Le pack inclut bien sûr la dernière version du Custom Firmware Atmosphère (supportant le firmware 9.0.0), de l’excellent utilitaire Hekate et de toute la ribambelle de homebrews qui les accompagnent. Nintendo ayant compliqué les choses pour la détection des touches, le très pratique sysmodule hid_mitm tire malheureusement sa révérence pour ne pas interférer avec la solution temporaire mise en place par SciresM dans Atmosphère.

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  • Full support for 9.0.0
  • Fixed SaltyNX for emuMMC 8.x.x
  • There was an issue with fs mitm patches where it caused hangs for SaltyNX.
  • AutoNOGC protection for fatal errors in emuMMC
  • NOGC will now be applied automatically when fuses are >= 9.0.0 and emuMMC is less than that.
  • Streamline power cycles for Sandisk U1 SDR104
    • No more hangs because of this.
  • Allow critical info to be shown when a fatal error occurs while AutoBooting HOS
  • Now, before booting Nyx right away, it will show the error message and wait for a button press.
  • Add exosphere/kernel no user exceptions handler cfg
  • And many other bugfixes

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  • Support was added for 9.0.0
    • 9.0.0 made a number of changes that may cause some issues with homebrew. More details at the Atmosphere changelog!
  • A bug was fixed that could cause webapplet launching homebrew to improperly set the accessible url whitelist.
  • BIS key generation has been fixed for newer hardware

For more infos, see:


  • Removed hid_mitm due to conflicts with 9.0 circumventions.
  • Updated Homebrew Menu
  • Updated Kosmos Updater
    • Fixed the app not being able to auto update itself.
    • Fixed an issue where if settings.cfg was migrated, but internal.db wasn’t then bad things happened.
    • Updated SimpleIniParser, and Swurl.
  • Updated Lockpick
    • Fix bis key generation on newer hardware
  • Updated Kosmos Toolbox
    • This includes pagination for the sysmodules configuration page. This allows you to have up to 18 configurable sysmodules at once, necessary for fully loaded SDSetup bundles

and most importantly:

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.


Do you get weird error codes when developing or using your Switch and want to look them up? Over the last month we have written a new discord bot for those 🙂 Plus, we’re hosting it publicly at no cost. For more infos and the invite link, please check

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I don’t know what’s going on here, must be something important for the future huh?

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Do you like the Wii Homebrew Menu? We really like it too. Alright, have a good day.

Kosmos v14 built with:
  Atmosphere - 0.9.4
  Hekate - v5.0.2
  EdiZon - v3.0.1
  Emuiibo - 0.3
  Goldleaf - 0.7
  Homebrew App Store - 2.1
  Kosmos Toolbox - v2.1.0
  Kosmos Updater - v3.0.8
  ldn_mitm - v1.2.4
  Lockpick - v1.2.6
  Lockpick RCM - v1.3
  sys-clk - 0.12.3
  sys-ftpd - 6e4993f