AtlasNX Kosmos 14.1 « Shelter »

La team AtlasNX release encore aujourd’hui une nouvelle version de son custom firmware en apportant les nouvelles modifications réalisées sur les différents homebrews qu’elle inclue dans son CFW. Lockpick et Lockpick RCM, ainsi que sys-ftpd ont été mis à jour afin de fonctionner sur le nouveau firmware 9.0.0. Elle nous apprend également que le patch « nosigchk » a été retiré de Kosmos suite à différents problèmes.

↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓
  • Removed nosigchk from Kosmos
    • This patch wasn’t actually useful to the cause and as it later turned out, piracy related. After some heated discussions full of misinformation and miscommunication, we have been informed about their effects.
    • For now Joonie’s patches have to be redownloaded after updating Kosmos, this will be fixed very soon in the next update
  • Updated sys-ftpd to work with firmware 9.0 (Thanks to everyone in #developer-chat)
  • In all they hype around firmware 9.0 we actually forgot to include the most important feature that has been planned for months now, added nxdumptool
    • NXDumptool is one of the most useful tools for people that need to dump their gamecards or want to make backups of their personally owned games.
    • DarkMatterCore has been amazing to work and chat with and we thank him for his willingness to include NXDumptool in Kosmos.
  • Updated Lockpick/Lockpick_RCM for firmware 9.0
  • Btw, did you use before? It seems like it’s working again after some updates.

Also huge thanks to MysticExile#1552 on discord for actually testing the update 🙂