Hekate 6.1.0 + Nyx 1.6.0

Après avoir proposé un correctif officieux à un bug gênant affectant le partitionnement de microSD de plus de 1To, CTCaer officialise enfin une nouvelle version de son indispensable payload. Il en a profité pour ajouter le support du partitionnement d’Android 13 et du boot depuis une partition exFAt pour Linux, etc.

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Supports booting ALL current CFWs, Android/Linux booting and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Supports: Erista (T210) and Mariko (T210B01) units

Latest HOS supported: 17.0.1

hekate v6.1.0 changes

  • Fixed an issue where emuMMC sector offset parsing was failing if SD card was bigger than 1TB.
  • L4T and ARC changes:
    • Allow boot partition to be exFAT
      This will need an update of the bootstack of various L4T releases. Mostly important for Lakka and for users that do not want to format.
    • Significant changes were done to Arachne for RAM OC to increase performance and stability
    • Several timings were improved and corrected for both T210/LPDDR4 and T210B01/LPDDR4X
    • Stability was improved for higher frequencies for T210/LPDDR4
      It also significantly affects high density ram modules like in 8GB configurations
      Additionally, they can be improved extra with the ram_oc_opt ac mode also.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes timing reduction was not allowed on 1600 MHz
    • A new ram_oc_opt= parameter was added to support advanced ram oc configuration for both T210 and T210B01.
      Mostly for users with T210/LPDDR4 because of low frequencies and others that like to optimize (T210B01/LPDDR4X).
      Read more in wiki.
    • ram_oc_vdd2 max voltage limit was raised to 1237mV for T210. T210B01 remains at Jedec max of 1175mV.
    • Fixed an issue for DDR200 on T210 when RAM frequency was oc one

Nyx v1.6.0 changes

  • Support was added for Android 13+ dynamic partition scheme and also raised system partition size to 3GB for legacy (Android 10-11)
  • Fixed an issue where emuMMC sector offset parsing was failing if SD card is bigger than 1TB
  • Fixed an issue with some sd cards showing incomplete info (e.g. ADATA)
  • Improved fuses info (corrected major/minor and added parsed iddq info)
  • 3rd-gen RAM modules model name from Hynix and Micron are now shown properly
  • Hw info will now show per chip ram info instead of single chip and 2 channels.
  • Joycon auto calibration on init was relaxed to fix an issue with drifting with HAL effect based joystick mods.
    Additionally, that fix was also incorporated in the Switch to PC gamepad USB mode.
  • Added built-in 6axis calibration dumping for all the rest Switch SKUs and stick type for Lite for use in L4T
  • Added info for sd card max supported bus speed and consolidate all UHS classes into one field.
  • Added info about some LCD panel clones and new official revisions
  • Fan is now controlled in a finer way