Hekate CTCaer Mod 5.1.0/Nyx 0.8.3

L’avantage quand Nintendo sort une mise à jour, c’est que les développeurs sont très réactifs et sortent du bois à la première lueur venue…Après Atmosphère, SXOS, les patches ES/FS, c’est au tour de l’excellent outil « Hekate CTCaer Mod » de se refaire une petite beauté. En plus du support complet du firmware 9.1.0, il s’offre une petite cure de vitamines qui arrive à point nommé en cette saison (presque) hivernale. Ainsi, en plus de démarrer plus rapidement, il dispose maintenant d’un mode « batterie faible » qui éteindra automatiquement la console si le voltage de celle-ci descend sous les 2.8V. Cela permettra de ne pas mettre dans l’embarras ceux qui seraient en mode RCM/AutoRCM. De nombreux bugs ont aussi été corrigés, tant qu’à faire. Cerise sur le gâteau pour les utilisateurs d’Android : la possibilité de passer en mode Fastboot (maintenir Vol+ pour commencer, puis Vol+ et Vol-).

L’interface graphique dédiée « Nyx » (optionnelle) a également subi quelques ajustements. Le rendu est désormais plus rapide, tout comme le calcul SHA qui vérifie les dumps sysNAND. À noter que le ventilateur sera utilisé si les températures venaient à être trop élevées, gage de sécurité pour nos consoles.

↓ Nouveautés / Corrections (cliquer pour voir) ↓

This version supports booting ALL current OS/CS CFW, Linux chainloading and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Latest HOS supported: 9.1.0

New in this version

  • Full support for 9.1.0
  • Faster and better DRAM training
    This performance change affects both hekate and Nyx.
    libsys_minerva.bso was updated and the update is mandatory.
    If you notice slow performance in hekate or Nyx, you forgot to drag n drop the bootloader folder from release.
  • Even faster HOS boot
    Because of the aforementioned change, HOS now boots even faster.
  • Enabled Low Battery Shutdown when voltage is less than 2.8V
    This will help with many users that kill their battery by forgetting their devices into RCM/AutoRCM.
  • Fixed an issue with some users hanging in black screen or logo for Nyx loading
    This is unrelated with HOS boot issues.
  • Fixed a critical issue with heap collapsing on edge cases. Thanks @shchmue.
    Additionally, heap management became more robust and fragments way less often.
  • Added support for entering fastboot on Android.
    This requires of pressing VOL+ first and while holding it, also start holding VOL-.
  • External patches only look for patches.ini now
    The reason is that patches_template.ini is now useless and no one should install homebrew when title replacement exists.
    Also because apparently it confuses users into thinking that it takes precedence over patches.ini, even though it explained countless of times that it’s only loaded if patches.ini is not found.
    Lastly there’s a confusion where users thought that empty patches is not the same with no patches, even though it’s exactly the same. So now any empty patch will throw an error.
    To sum up, removed to simplify the process because of user errors.
  • Fixed an issue with force shutdown timeout, where it would power off if PWR button was pressed for 2s. It’s now back to 6s.
  • Fixed instant boot to menu (« bootloop ») on errors. Now hekate will properly wait for user input in order to go back to menu.
  • Fixed an issue with tsec keys, where KFUSE didn’t have enough time to initialize.
  • Fixed an issue where double defined patches (like NOGC), would fail the process. Now any reapplied patch, will be properly marked as applied.
  • Countless refactors and bugfixes in hw init and drivers
  • Many general bugfixes

New in emuMMC

  • 9.1.0 support

The binary is based on m4xw/emuMMC@bd81a67

Nyx v0.8.3

  • 9.1.0 support for info and tools
  • GFX rendering and generally many functions in Nyx are now faster
  • Refactored SHA calculation for faster verification
    Verification is now able to calculate the 1st buffer SHA while the 2nd buffer is read.
  • Fan is now activated if temperatures are high
  • Battery Voltage value is now Orange if lower than 3200mV
  • Countless refactors and bugfixes in hw init and drivers
  • Many general bugfixes

Lastly, keep an eye for the big Nyx update!

Check readme.md for more.

NOTE: You will need sept and a custom secmon and warmboot binary to boot 7.0.0-9.0.1 or stock emuMMC.
Warning: HOS 9.1.0 needs a new sept. If not updated, hekate will show pkg2 decryption error. On the other hand, hekate can still load older sept versions for 9.0.X.
Warning2: New bootloader contents are mandatory. Because they are new, you must not mix them with older hekate versions. hekate package is made for an easy drag n drop that can be used to replace the files.