Hekate CTCaer Mod 5.5.0/Nyx 0.9.6

Comme à chaque grosse mise à jour officielle de Nintendo, SciresM (CFW Atmosphère) est dans le peloton de tête, suivi de près par CTCaer (payload Hekate) qui prend l’aspiration. C’est donc tout naturellement qu’il propose un upgrade supportant la version 11.0.0 du firmware officiel. De très gros progrès ont par ailleurs été réalisés pour les consoles Mariko, anticipant la version 0.17.0 d’Atmosphère qui les gérera totalement.



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Latest HOS supported: 11.0.0

New in this version

  • HOS 11.0.0 support
  • Mariko (T210B01) HW support
    hwinit, dram/lp0, display, sdmmc, ccplex, fuse, etc were all updated to support the new SoC.
  • Mariko (T210B01) HOS support
    In order to boot HOS on Mariko, all keys should be in place before launching hekate.
    Failing to do that you will be greeted with Pkg1 decryption failed! Is BEK missing?.
    Additionally, Atmosphere must be updated to 0.17.0 that will have Mariko support.
  • Added Mariko Warmboot Storage (MWS)
    This dumps the warmboot binary on SD to allow downgrading when fuses are burnt.
    The warmboot exploit doesn’t exist in Mariko, so the warmboot binary must be paired with fuses.
    Take care when wiping SD Card, you need to keep it backed up.
  • Added support for Exosphere Fatal binary for Mariko
    Custom binaries can be used with the exofatal= option.
  • Fix AutoRCM status checks on Mariko and modified BCTs
  • Fixed an issue with exFAT supported FS.kip checks
  • Fix an issue where hekate wouldn’t load if damaged fuel gauge chip.
  • Many other changes and fixes


  • HOS 11.0.0 support
  • Fixed an issue with slow boot and speed in 11.0.0
  • Mariko (T210B01) support

Based on https://github.com/m4xw/emuMMC/commits/6fd752dad13c02d482a5d89c24f4e8ce8b9d8f56

Nyx v0.9.6

  • HOS 11.0.0 support
  • Mariko (T210B01) info and dumping support
    Every tool and info window was updated to add Mariko HW and HOS support.
    XUSB was also added and USB was refactored in order to add Mariko UMS functionality.
    Joycon are not yet supported on Switch Lite. Touchscreen is the only way for now.

Additional changes:

  • eMMC/SD info now also shows the manufacturer’s name.
  • DRAM info now also shows chip models
  • Fixed an issue with patched RCM status on Mariko
  • Ability to change how Nyx power saves
    If launching Nyx hangs on boot, change newpowersave= to 0 in nyx.ini in order to mitigate it.
  • Launching coreboot.rom for L4t/Android on Mariko, is now disabled to protect user from possible bricks.
  • Minerva is disabled on Mariko, as dram training on it is not supported yet.
    That means that Nyx frame drawing is slower than expected.
  • Fix AutoRCM status on Mariko and modified BCTs
  • Fixed an issue with Joycon not able to control Nyx if only left one was plugged in
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect DRAM density info
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to store screenshots if the folder was missing
  • Fix icons for backup/restore not being correct after emuMMC swap
  • Many other changes and fixes