Julius 1.5.0

Julius, portage Switch du moteur de Caesar III, vient de subir une belle mise à jour. bvschaik a en effet corrigé bon nombre de petits bugs et modifié légèrement le gameplay, ce qui devrait améliorer l’expérience utilisateur.

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General improvements

  • Julius now runs on Android

UI improvements

  • Add right-click image to some enemies which were missing images
  • Number of unemployed people has been added to the senate tooltip and Chief advisor
  • Setting hotkeys for construction of common buildings is now possible
  • Setting a hotkey for quickly selecting the building under cursor for construction
  • Changing trade status (import/export) for resources can now be done from the Empire map
  • Some more in-game messages have a button to the relevant advisor

Configuration options

Language improvements

  • Use localized filenames for mission saved games. For example, Citizen.sav will now be called Bürger.sav in the German version of the game
  • Users running the Korean or Chinese version of the game can now save files using Korean/Chinese characters
  • Add Italian, Polish and Swedish translations for the configuration screen
  • Add support for the Simplified Chinese version of the game
  • Tweaks to make texts in more verbose languages fit in their dialogs

UI/Gameplay fixes

  • Fix aqueduct tile turning into gatehouse image on a certain aqueduct configuration
  • Fix graphic glitch in road tile caused by plaza
  • Fix visual bugs when visual feedback is active
  • Fix Religion being shown as Health on chief advisor
  • Fix warehouses/granaries getting linked during delete/undo
  • Fix combat short and long music being swapped
  • Fix population advisor showing the wrong end date for the history graph
  • Fix not being able to delete files with non-ascii characters on Windows
  • Fix education advisor always saying that people want more libraries
  • Fix displayed price for clear land being double the actual amount
  • Fix right-clicking the buttons on the sidebar going to the wrong help page
  • Fix game speed being way too fast on the higher speed settings on >60Hz monitors
  • Fix columns on damage overlay being too tall
  • Fix minimap not immediately jumping to the right location when « go to problem » button is used
  • Fix minimap not immediately updating when placing a building

Technical fixes

  • Vita: fix music-related crash/freeze (#474)
  • Fix crash/memory corruption on difficulty dialog
  • Slight tweaks to touch support on Vita/Switch