Hekate CTCaer Mod 5.3.3/Nyx 0.9.4

La mise à jour surprise de Nintendo remue un peu la scène homebrews Switch. Après Atmosphère, c’est donc au tour de Hekate d’être corrigé pour supporter ce nouveau firmware 10.2.0.


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Latest HOS supported: 10.2.0

New in this version

  • HOS 10.2.0 support
  • Add backup pkg1 loading support
    Helps in cases primary pkg1 is corrupted
  • Better SD info in hekate TUI
    And better error handling
  • Fix exo fatal dump header
    This fixes a regression where it was removing the AFE2 header.
  • Fix an issue with sleep when hekate is launched from bad chainloaders
  • Android/L4T boot mode is now not cleared if user canceled auto boot
  • And more.


  • HOS 10.2.0 support

Based on m4xw/emuMMC@6a814eb

Nyx v0.9.4

  • Fix dumping of Package1
    Before it would split into NX bootloader, Security Monitor and Warmboot wrongly.
  • eMMC NAND cells life estimation
    Now you can see how much life is left for your eMMC.
  • USB-PD Charger info
    Shows what PD profiles charger supports and also what’s the current charging wattage limit.

Additional changes:

  • Allow SD removal without reloading Nyx
  • Fix a hang where B button was pressed after Launch window
  • Fix some BDK issues that could affect Nyx
  • Add info about AUO A062TAN02 display panel
  • Allow last part to be unaligned when flashing L4T image
  • And more.