Retroarch 1.10.3

Retroarch évolue encore et toujours pour nous offrir un environnement d’émulation très complet. Cette nouvelle mouture est une mise à jour que l’on peut qualifier « de maintenance », corrigeant quelques bugs par-ci, par-là. Toujours bon à prendre, mais pas forcément indispensable donc.

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  • ANDROID: Decouple Play Core dependency to bring app into compliance for F-Droid
  • ANDROID: Allow audio playback capture on android
  • AI/SERVICE: Disable AI Service setting by default
  • BLUETOOTH/LAKKA: bluetoothctl: add / modify pairing steps
  • CHEEVOS: Disallow manual frame delay setting in Hardcore Mode
  • DATABASE: Serial scanning for Wii now includes WBFS
  • INPUT: Allow proper descriptor declaration for analog triggers
  • INPUT/MAPPING: Fix offset + crash when clearing input port binds
  • INPUT/MAPPING: Fix saving of ‘Analog to Digital Type’ when configuration overrides are used
  • INPUT/MAPPING: Fix saving of ‘Analog to Digital Type’ when configuration overrides are used
  • LOCALIZATION: Add Valencian language option
  • MENU/SETTINGS: Move ‘Show Menu Bar’ under ‘Windowed Mode’ settings
  • MENU/SETTINGS: Add sublabels for ‘Subsystems’ and ‘Input Deadzone/Sensitivity’
  • MENU/SETTINGS: Move ‘On-Screen Notifications’ to top
  • MENU/XMB: Unified the shadow alpha value to a slightly darker one for better readability
  • MENU/XMB: Corrected the option label and sublabel for actual behavior
  • MIYOO: Enable ALSA audio driver and default to it
  • PSP: Take out extra languages/localization, adds about 4/5MB to the binary, and RAM is limited on PSP (32MB and 64MB RAM models)
  • STATIC PLATFORMS: Populate all history list metadata when launching content from playlists
  • STEAM: Introduce Steam Rich Presence
  • VIDEO: Fast-Forward Frameskip improvement
  • VIDEO/THREADED: Stability fixes
  • WINDOWS/WINRAW: Fix multiple light guns
  • WIIU: Fix USB get_device_name(), don’t truncate to three chars







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